Cutting Edge Core Drilling, Inc.

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Tunnel Investigation, Austin TX.

Cutting Edge Core Drilling, Inc.

Cutting Edge Core Drilling, Inc. was founded in 1999.

Thirty eight years of geotechnical core drilling and field services to date.


Servicing Central Texas Regionally

We are largely successful due to three basic principals.
1. Ethics
2. Honesty
3. Hard Work

This company insures that every project we participate on will receive the full focus of these three principles. We will exceed the industry standard for real time geotechnical data collection.

  • Commercial and Residential Investigations
  • Tunnel investigations.

  • Fault Investigations.
  • Cave Investigations.

  • Forensic Investigations.
  • Natural Resources Exploration.
  • Hydraulic Investigations.
  • Dam Projects (New and Existing)
  • Road and Bridge Development
  • Engineering Instruments
    (Inclinometers, Extensometers, Slope indicators, Piezometers, Relief and De-Watering Wells)   [ TX License 54881 CDMN]


Standard Commercial and Residential Projects

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Specialty Work

Cutting Edge Core Drilling, Inc.