Cutting Edge Core Drilling, Inc.
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Each operation is comprised of one support vehicle and drilling rig. The rigs are outfitted with the following tools:


* NQ2 wireline coring capabilities for both hard and soft rock.

* Solid stem and Hollow stem continuous flight augers.

* Wash rotary capabilities (Roller and Drag bit).

Down Hole Tooling.

* HQ wireline                  (2.5 in. cores)
* CP wireline                   (3 in. cores)

* NXD4 conventional    

* 4" Casing advance systems
* 6" 5/8" H.S.A.

Wireline Packers                                                                                                                                                                                                      * NQ / HQ

Auxiliary Support Equipment.

* 16' (115 hp) Flatbottom support boat with barge bumper